Dr. Ralf Belusa

Learned writing code at the age of 6, and started his first company at the age of 16. 
Ralf studied recently a year astrophysics and immunology, wrote his doctoral thesis on human cell research, master and diploma thesis in nanotechnologies and system theory and advises the German Federal Government, Volkswagen, Top eCommerce-, Marketing, Healthcare-, Pharma and SpaceTechnology companies, and acts as a mentor and investor at Microsoft Ventures.

The Wirtschaftswoche, NEXT, and Daimler awarded the Digital Manager and startup founder as one of the 100 most important Digital Managers of Germany and Europe.

He is Chief Digital Officer within an Family Office in RealEstate. Was Senior Director at Europe’s largest Online Marketing Network, was an Executive Manager at one of the largest Online Retailers, co-founder of startups, and sits on multiple start-up advisory boards.

He is a lifetime learner, TEDx speaker, passionate about identifying new innovative business and nurturing talent, and strives to stay hungry and humble forever.
Digital Transformation Executive – Mentor – Board Member – Hands-on – Restructuring – Strategy – Innovation – eCommerce – FMCG – Healthcare – Automotive – RealEstate – SpaceTech

Direkt, offen, manchmal provokativ, freundlich, fokus auf machen, experimentieren, lernen und wieder machen.

Deutsch und Englisch

Healthcare, Marketing, Artificial Intelligence, IT, Innovation, Startups, Industrie 4.0, Digital Transformation, Company Restructuring and Integration, Smart City, RealEstate


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Telefon: +49 (0) 176/ 70 45 7272
Mail: contact@future-shapers.live




The Wirtschaftswoche, NEXT, and Daimler awarded Ralf as one of the 100 most important Digital Managers of Germany and Europe.


Preise und Auszeichnungen

2017 Advisor | Bertelsmann Board & Group Management 2013-heute

2016 TEDx Speaker Italy – why we are better then we think?

2015 TEDx Speaker – Munich – Hidden Treasures

2014 Advisor | Bundesregierung | Strategie internetbasierte Dienste

2014 Die Zukunft – Die Prognosen werden immer genauer.

2014 Insights: Allianz Global Investors / Pimco

2013 Advisor | Volkswagen Board of Directors

2013 Bild der Wissenschaft | Referent Medizin

2013 Die neue Intelligenz des Menschen, GEO Magazin

2013 Top Influencer European Digital Industry

2012 Deutschlands digitaler Vorreiter

2012 Panel Startup des Jahres 2007-2014

Welche Menschen die deutsche Internetwirtschaft bewegen

2008 Panel Deutschlands wichtigster Web-Gründer

2007 Archaeology World Congress – Computer Applications

2007 Gewinner Deutscher Gründerwettbewerb

2007 Innovationstreiber des Jahres

2002 Special doctoral accreditation

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